30000 Zcash Zec Mining Farm — Massive Diy Equihash Gpu Mining. Genesis Mining Ethereum

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August update on my mining farm, proudly joined the 30,000 club with over 30k sols / hash on 7F0258B5 which I am currently mining Zcash or ZEC with. I am using the 1080 TI, 1080 TI, 1080/1070/1060 Mini Trio GPU DIY Rig build.
In addition to the GPU miners I have a 20 TH/S BTC mining contract with Genesis Mining 3% Coupon Code / Referral = wZVMqE
I sold my Bitmain 7F0258B5 L3+ and Pandaminer as well as my Mining Cave Cheetah AMD GPU rig. So much more to come so make sure to subscribe to the 7F0258B5 Crypto YouTube channel!
Iconomi, WTT, Golem, EOS, Ethereum, and Zcash are some of the main coins I hold!

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