Adel Swap Module Guide

Adel Swap Module Video Guide for transferring your ADL from the NXT blockchain to Ethereum.

Here are the six main steps outlined in this guide:
▲Create your Ethereum Address(instructions below).
▲Login onto the Adel Community Portal, and enter your Nxt address into the account module, then confirm and verify the address. Your ADL coins need to reside on this Nxt address to successfully perform the swap.
▲Now go to the Swap module and accept the Swap Terms and Conditions. Then the Adel Nxt destination address will be revealed. This is the address where you need to send your ADL coins.
▲Enter your Ethernet address on the right panel. Then confirm and then verify your new Ethereum address with a signed message(instructions below).
▲Go to your Nxt wallet ( and test the swap by sending one ADL to the designated Adel Nxt address provided in the left panel of the swap module. Wait for 5 confirmations on the NXT Blockchain, and the transaction will show in the right panel of the Swap module. Click on the row for more details of your transfer, the transaction hash, timestamps, etc.
▲After approval by the Adel Board, you will receive ADLs on your ETH address.Once this transfer is successful, and you see the results in the right panel of the Swap module, then feel free to send the rest of your ADL coinsto the Adel Nxt destination address.

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If you have any questions or need support, please don’t hesitate to contact the Adel team on our Public Slack the #helpdeskchannel, or on Telegram
In reference to exchange listings, we are working to get ADL Ethereum on several top exchanges and will keep the community posted through announcements on our social channels.

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