Andreas Antonopoulos Talks Bitcoin, Blockchain and Beyond

Cantech TV got the chance to sit down with Andreas Antonopoulos — author of Mastering Bitcoin — at the Blockchain Training Conference in Toronto hosted by the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada. Cantech TV (Sina Ghashghaei)

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Andreas Antonopoulos Talks Bitcoin, Blockchain and Beyond: 5 комментариев

  • 01.07.2016 в 11:56 пп

    besides bitcoin and ethereum, what was the third one that was mentioned in your interview?

  • 05.07.2016 в 5:54 пп

    Great interview, thanks! Can someone help me understand how a decentralised Uber can exist? Presumably, someone needs to build and maintain a decentralised system to facilitate such a company. If so, what would be the incentive to build a completely decentralised, possibly open-source company? Would it work similar to Bitcoin in that you release coins (similar to shares) in the technology and that these coins ultimately fund the primary developers of the decentralised system?

  • 13.07.2016 в 4:22 дп

    In my opinion, the killer app for Bitcoin will be the social network of bitcoiners, since we must be connected through a centralizer in order to be able to decentralize, don't you think?

    Anyway, the social network is arriving sometime soon in 2016. The website:


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