Bitcoin ASICMiner: New Chips and Open Source Boards

Hey guys, it’s Jason. Today I’m bringing you an amazing video on the latest asicminer news and their new chips they are producing. I also talk about how they are open sourcing their board layout on github.

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Bitcoin ASICMiner: New Chips and Open Source Boards: 2 комментария

  • 25.06.2014 в 12:59 пп

    Most outlets are 15 amps. If you plug to many boards in, it will blow all your fuses. At today's rate you would get about 15 usd a day. 750 ghash — your electric. Thats not including mining fees….Its getting to a point where you need free electric or at least very cheap electric to make any profit. 

  • 24.02.2016 в 7:23 дп

    I am not a developer and I do not know any code line.My question is what makes Bitcoin be safe by considering it is a open sourcr code. Should not be as Coke secret?


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