BTC: Ep. 4 — #USWNT Road to Rio

The U.S. Women’s National Team gathered in Chicago to prepare for the final match before the Olympic roster is announced.

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BTC: Ep. 4 — #USWNT Road to Rio: 20 комментариев

  • 08.07.2016 в 10:04 пп

    i wanna see them kick ass and take names. I wanna see them be the first women's team to win a world cup and Olympic gold back to back. but yo, for real Rio is gonna be a disaster. the venues aren't ready. the water has super bacteria. zika virus. not to mention the crime rate. hello athletes are being mugged and body parts are washing up on beaches where volleyball is set to be played. they were shooting at their own archbishop the other day down there. a place like Rio should never have gotten the bid to host the games, and neither should have Sochi for that matter.

    i want our girls covered in mosquito repellent, have bodyguards from the government, and be flown in water from the states, to drink and even bathe in. i want them and all the athletes to be safe. competing in the Olympics shouldnt be dangerous like this jfc

  • 10.07.2016 в 7:38 дп

    Ridiculous that America voted for Obama over Romney in 2012. Not to mention shameful and embarrassing.

  • 12.07.2016 в 4:06 дп

    Literally two weeks ago I was playing on those same exact fields for the Julie Foudy Sports Leadership Academy. I'm freaking out that I've played on the sand fields as my idols! My friends balls are lost in the forest in the background.


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