Bucket List — Full Segment — EP 3 — Boston, Mass

The storm of the century crippled Boston, MA this past winter. 20′ snowbanks created the ultimate play ground for urban snowboarding. Krister Ralles, Benny Milam, Drew Poganski and Dan Tyler had never done a true East Coast rail mission and they wanted to check this off of their Bucket List! Once the trip started to form Bucket List filmer Leland McNamara decided to grab Johnny Lazz, Jaeger Bailey and Zander Blackmon to join. All said and done these guys spent 2 weeks «mining» the streets for new features and fresh set ups.

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Sponsored By: Celtek, Under Armour, Stance, Go Pro, Baldface Lodge, Rome Snowboards
Filmed By: Leland McNamara, Dan Tyler, Ryan Finder, Kyle Beckman

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