China Bitcoin Trading U-Turn | Price Will Skyrocket | BTC $5000

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China Bitcoin Trading U-Turn | Price Will Skyrocket | BTC $5000: 15 комментариев

  • 07.10.2017 в 3:50 пп

    Cryptocurrency is designed with decentralization in mind, so it is not going to be controlled by any government. Of course they can try to do it and they might have some results but the key here is that they can't control it fully and it's very important. Partial control is not what they want. They want full control. Fortunately it is not possible in cryptocurrency, so eventually governments and central banks will lose and collapse. The best thing they can do is to get benefits from the cryptocurrency and not waste their time, money and energy on trying in vain to fully control it. Go check out Jeff Berwick's youtube channel The Dollar Vigilante, he talks about this subject in depth.


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