Coal Mining Effects

Video showing the aftermath of coal mining

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Coal Mining Effects: 3 комментария

  • 27.01.2010 в 11:53 пп

    I'm not trying to start an argument, but the truth is that if the mining industry wasn't in WV the average household income would be far less. Coal miners are the highest paid workers in the state making an average $64800 a year. That's over $22000 dollars more than the national average.

    As a student of mining engineering I can tell you that mine acid drainage does not occur as often as you infer. It stems from bad management. Mostly from mines built prior to the 1950s.

    Use facts. Not emotion.

  • 28.01.2010 в 4:08 пп

    This video was made as part of my stream restoration project to inform people of the potential effects of mining.

    You are right about bad management but also the geology in northern WV lends itself to being a bigger problem. I am in no way saying that coal mining should be cut out completely. I think it is essential to the WV economy, but better management is needed.

    Most of the pictures were more than a year of sampling sites that I monitored in Preston Co and about half were post law mines.

  • 28.12.2016 в 2:55 пп

    We really need to get off of coal entirely, stop digging for gold, stop buying diamonds — all these businesses destroy the environment. It's so sad to see animals' homes being destroyed, and we are slowly poisoning ourselves. Time for solar, wind, lab diamonds, changes in our buying habits!


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