Cryptocurrency Trading Workshop. September 14th.

Trading Cryptocurrencies — Trading Strategies, Planning and Opportunities in Crypto Space.
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The crypto space might appear mysterious and hard to access, and it seems like select few are able to reap the benefits of this new opportunity and make millions practically out of nothing.

This immersive workshop will remove the confusion and complexity of the crypto space. The crypto space is one of the first markets in history to allow average (not only institutional) investors to drastically outperform the market without Bloomberg Terminal or other must-have tools that give traditional traders the edge.

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Typically, these opportunities have been available only to the rich; hence, the saying, ‘the rich get richer’. But blockchain is changing it all. A decentralized technology characterized by a distributed network of participants revolutionizes payments and money transfers, encourages the development of diverse capital markets, and smooths transactions by totally removing third-party intermediaries. What does it mean for you? That opportunity is here for anyone and everyone. The key is knowing how to tap into it.

One of its applications, crypto-based assets, used as an alternative medium of exchange and a source of funding for blockchain-based projects, have tremendous growth potential. However, a number of proven trading algorithms and strategies could further maximize this growth potential while mitigating risk. In this one day intensive, we will cover a range of opportunities and the practical ways to profit from them.

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