Deeprim mod Rimworld — Mining underground — Rimworld Deeprim mod

Deeprim mod Rimworld — Mining underground — Rimworld Deeprim mod

A new mod has come out for Rimworld that will blow your socks off. With DeepRim mod rimworld you can strike the earth and mine underground.


DeepRim mod rimworld overview
Allows construction of mining shaft, which can drill down and bring you new maps to explore and mine for resource. Never run out of ores! Avoid the lazy Deep drill with this new revolutionary mining method!

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Start by building a mining shaft and click start. It requires power while drilling.

With Deeprim mod rimworld you can set a base up underneath, build a crafting area under the ground, heck even do an underground growing area

DeepRim Mod future features
Multiple shaft to single map, allowing tunnels to be made

Download DeepRim mod: (non steam version):

Music by TeknoAXE

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Deeprim mod Rimworld — Mining underground — Rimworld Deeprim mod: 4 комментария

  • 02.03.2018 в 11:05 дп

    hope that this mod works with TiberiumRim mod if so will the Tiberium be shown underground as well as on top I wonder this mod is so cool happy gaming

  • 02.03.2018 в 2:37 пп

    A shame colonists cannot go underground under their own volition I could have made myself an underground prison and cut power should there be any prison breaks/riots.

  • 03.03.2018 в 5:16 дп

    Reset the core by deleting it and checking the files through steam. Hardcore SK is still lingering.


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