GTA 5 Radeon RX480 4K UHD Performance Test

All the graphics are maxed apart from advanced which are all disabled. In this video, I drive through Los Santos and around Blaine County to demonstrate how draw distance, particle effects, grass and overall gameplay affect the frames per second.

R7 1700
16GB DDR4 Vengeance LPX @ 2666mhz DOCP
Radeon RX480 Nitro + OC
Corsair RM850
Asus Prime B350 Plus
A shitload of HDD’s
Samsung 850 EVO SSD C: (OS drive; GTA saved onto this.)

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The game ran mostly at 30 — 28 fps in the city dipping to 25 at some parts. however, in very grassy areas with lots of particle effects the frames dropped as low as 14fps averaging out at 16 — 18 fps.

Towards the end, I run the default GTA benchmark if you’re into that too. Overall, to max this game out you’ll need at least 2 and perferably 3 Rx480’s in X-Fire to run this at 60fps+ UHD.

Next video I will demonstrate the same test with Advanced settings enabled as a further torture test on my GPU — This GPU is best at 1080p High — Very high, but not Ultra for this game.

PS. Sorry for the thumbnail if it seems clickbaity, It represents my true feels when playing in a cinema mode.

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