How To Buy Alt Coins On EtherDelta and Send Them To MyEtherWallet

In this video I show you how to buy alt coins on EtherDelta and them to your MyEtherWallet. First, you’ll need to buy Ethereum. In this case I bought Ethereum on Coinbase, and if you use the following link to open a Coinbase account we’ll both receive $10 in Bitcoin for FREE!

Get $10 of Bitcoin free by signing up with Coinbase here:

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How To Buy Alt Coins On EtherDelta and Send Them To MyEtherWallet: 1 комментарий

  • 17.11.2017 в 3:07 пп

    Hello! Thank you for your video! Very clear and easy to understand and follow! Also: do you know what to do if I did the tokens withdraw to MEW but they continue to sit on the Etherdelta site after withdraw and don't appears in my MEW? I made withdraw 15 minutes ago and nothing happens: my new tokens are on Etherdelta and i can't get them to my MEW!! I withdraw my Ether balance just ok, but not my new bought tokens….What does that mean?? How can I get them out to my wallet? Thank you!


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