ICO review: Hubii Network — Blockchain based decentralised content marketplace

ICO review: Hubii Network — Blockchain based decentralised content marketplace

Today I want to review a project that is going to ICO right now. It is called hubbi network. It is blockchain based decentralised content marketplace. You know when I first was reviewing this project I was thinking that since we are right now in the digital age and we are so used to it we do not realize what does it take to product a good piece of content. Right now everybody is overloaded with content that is reaching us in social networks, different news website, portals, ect. Sometimes we stick with some resources that contains good content. Usually this type of content is produced by professionals. By those people who understand what they are doing. This project in my own opinion can possible make this situation better. Hubbi network will allow a lot more professionals to be reached by content distributors and make sort of new wave in that industry. And may be change the situation for people who produce the content to make more revenue from it. The content that is being discussed in this project is text, audio, video, images. From what I understood right now those guys already have a working project which is hubbi.com and they are working with text and images to be sold. They have about 50 million audience that they are reaching. According to their whitepaper they can reach 800 million audience if they raise the money. I do not want to stress test this website using chinese test. You can see at the website that their team is quite big and they all have linkedin profiles. The CEO of the project had mention this company in his linkedin profile. They are very active in the social network in twitter. They have almost 2000 followers. They had started that twitter account around a month ago. They have 186 tweets and a lot of engagement of the audience. You can see number of likes and reports.
Reviewing their whitepaper showed me that the team know where they are going. They had thought about the verification of the content and de-verification in case some evidence will appear after the content will be verified. If someone will be able to prove that it was his/her content de-verification will take place.
They are also aware of the technical issues that will appear especially you can imagine how much space will be necessary to store audio and video content.
What I liked in their white paper is that they have a lot of cases how their project will be used and users will benefit from that. You can go through list of cases by yourself I do not want to spend too much time reviewing it now.
What I also liked in their white paper is that they say that if they do not raise enough for their hard cap they will still follow their roadmap but it will be slower. They will also have to raise some venture capital in this case. Lets wish those guys good luck to raise all the money during crowdsale.
They are aware of vulnerability of currency rates.
They talk a lot about storing the content and they understand that at first stages their system will be only partially decentralized. They seem to understand how many efforts it will take to do that.
I do not like being very optimistic about projects that are going to ICO. But this project makes me think that may be the content will get better and we will see more websites with professional content. And may be we will spend less time researching it. Huge companies like google are trying to make our life easier by page ranking websites and their pages. However it does not solve the problem of more good content be created. It can only identify the best content. I think that still a lot of content makers are not able to make their hobby something that will give them enough to live. There are a lot of content makers who are working from home, office or coworking centers and they are self-employed. This type of adding blockchain technology to this type of relationships when you create and sell content might lower the commission rates, remove middleman reselling the content. Possible this will help people producing professional content will allow to make more money and produce more content.
Hubbii network is planning to raise $40 million. They seem to be aware of things connected to distributing tokens using Ethereum. You should definitely go through their white paper yourself.

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This video was created for educational purpose only. It is up to your own risk to invest or not invest into any ICO.

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