ixo: the Blockchain for Impact

The world is realizing that we must count what matters, for people and the planet.

With ixo, all measurable claims about impact can be identified, accounted for and valued. The ixo protocol produces high-definition impact data, with crypto-economic proof of impact.

Verified impact data are valuable digital assets in the fast-growing impact eonomy.

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Verified impact data is indexed and shared through a global impact ledger. This big impact data will enable social, environmental and economic results to be optimized by training evaluation oracles to get smarter and by informing our decisions.

Decentralized marketplaces for impact should flourish, as everyone now has the tools and incentives to deliver, evaluate or invest in impact.

Using ixo, we can all create the world we want and help achieve the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, by the year 2030.

Creative Director: Simon Spreckley
Art Director: Thomas Thacker
Motion Director: Brett McManus
Interaction Designer: Ricardo Candotti
Copy Writer: Paige Nick
Production: Ritual Studio
Sound: The Music Works

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