Kinodot in Moscow and Tbilisi on 21/23.02.2018

Kinodot Experimental Film Festival invites for special screenings in Moscow and Tbilisi on 21/23 of February

21.02.2018 at 20.00 Karo 11 Oktyabr, 24 Novy Arbat, Moscow, Russia
23.02.2018 at 19.00 Cinema House, 2 Dzmebi Kakabadzeebi St, Tbilisi, Georgia

«Festival accepts films matching at least one criteria: no money, no mumbling, no music, no montage — so the conventional works give way to more radical ones, poetic, often amateur and other kinds of films forming the alternative to the elitist canon of mainstream festival programming» (Yakov Lurie,

Program (95 minutes)

Out of Autofocus by Mikhail Basov, 2016, Russia, 2 min.
In the video work “Out of autofocus” a common glitch in the autofocus function becomes an artistic technique. Gulls soaring over the sea cross the space of a static shot, entering and exiting it, while the camera struggles to find the focus point – and succeeds only for a few short moments. Finally, one of the gulls is caught in the focus. From this moment on, it is caged in a magic trap and has to find its way out.

Stuff As Dreams by Guli Silberstein, 2016, United Kingdom, 6 min.
Panicked news reports from scenes of terror that may or may not have happened, and family and travelling images that might have been a dream or maybe not, are intertwined in a painterly collage breaking-up and collapsing onto itself, exploring both personal and public perceptions of an increasingly fractured world.
»Melted into air, into thin air…we are such stuff As dreams are made on.» The Tempest, Shakespeare.

Stillness by Marc Pelletier, 2016, Canada, 16 min.
Through an innovative and unexpected approach to 16mm frame-by-frame cinematography, Pelletier offers a deconstructed and introspective view of portraiture. Idle faces come in and out of existence through a dance of light and texture, toying with our perceptual need to project our own image onto the abstract.

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The Hollow Coin by Frank Heath, 2016, United States, 12 min.
Frank Heath’s The Hollow Coin explores roles of authority in public space and the intersection of personal and historical narratives. The video combines documentary footage of New York City’s rapidly disappearing network of payphones with audio of a covertly recorded telephone exchange between an actor and an unknowing bystander. In the surreptitiously captured conversation an attempted «information leak» is infused with an absurd story and a historical anecdote.The work’s title refers to a Soviet spy who was apprehended in 1953 after mistakenly paying his newspaper delivery boy with a hollow coin that contained a microfilm of an encrypted message.

Turtles are Always Home by Rawane Nassif, 2016, Canada, Lebanon, Qatar, 11 min.
This is a short film essay about the meaning of home, memories and the failure to keep an identity in a transient environment. It is a personal journey inwards with an intimate camera that observes, searches, and takes its time to look at the buildings and the surroundings.

Bad mama, who cares. by Brigid McCaffrey, 2016, United States, 12 min.
Geologist Ren Lallatin has moved into a small housing complex located between a rail yard and the interstate. Desert vistas are replaced with an arsenal of tactile pursuits, while the situation of the house becomes unstable. Free falling from a fixed point, the perimeter is ornamented for security. Desert winds animate aluminum mobiles and seismic vibrations serenade the home.

We’ll Go to Neuilly Inch’Allah by Mehdi Ahoudig and Anna Salzberg, 2015, France, 20 min.
The story of a strike of young workers from Velib’, the parisian rental bike company, who learn the struggle and try to organize. The story of a spar between image and sound.

Green Screen Gringo by Douwe Dijkstra, 2016, The Netherlands, 16 min.
Behind a green screen, a foreigner finds his way in an enchanting — and yet turbulent — Brazil. Where the streets are a stage for politics, art and affection, a gringo can only watch. The result is a mixtape-portrait on modern day Brazil seen through the eyes of the visitor.

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