MFB: Together_(Parallel_Universe)

Made for Broadway — Parallel Universe
Official Music Video
This is a short film about the age old story of love. Our protagonist will go to any lengths to be with his love, even if it means building a space ship in his garage and traveling to different universes to find it.


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— Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival (AWARD OF ACHIEVEMENT)
— Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival (AWARD OF RECOGNITION WINNER)
— The Monthly Film Festival
— Oakville Festivals of Film and Art
— Chandler International Film Festival (BEST MUSIC VIDEO)
— The LA CineFest (Finalist)
— Minikino Film Festival (Finalist)
— Paris MV Underground
— Largo Film Festival
— Atlanta ShortsFest
— Bucharest ShortCut Cine Fest
— FICIE Fest (Semi-Finalist)
— Hackney Attic Film Fest
— Geek Fest
— Two Cliffs Film Festival
— Constantine’s Gold Coin Film Fest

More coming SOON!! 😉

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