MGT CEO — John McAfee

April 5, 2017, MGT CEO, John McAfee delivers video shareholder address

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He speaks about MGT’s growing Bitcoin operation, the blockchain and the increasing value of this digital currency. Discuss’s the ongoing developments of creating a groundbreaking product like Sentinel and why all companies desparatly need this platform to stay a step ahead of hackers. He challenged his team, the best hackers in the world to create a “fool proof” product and «they beat me.” Apologizes for the delay in production but promises that it will be released shortly and when it does «you will love this product.» MGT’s development of the John McAFee Privacy Phone will bring in substantial revenue to the company as well as capture a single digit footprint into the enterprise marketplace and «eventually everyone will want one.»

Lastly, he thanks the MGT Team for there hard work, the shareholders for their continued support and promises that 2017 will be a great year for MGT.

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