MyEtherWallet Is Not Going Away, It Has Just Been Forked 🍴

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On today’s show:
The two co-founders of MyEtherWallet, one of the world’s most popular Ethereum wallets have made the decision to go their own separate ways with their own separate wallets.

This kind of change can cause people a lot of concern so allow me to explain what is going on.

So MyEtherWallet then

This is a an online Ethereum wallet that has fast become one of the most important tools in the Ethereum ecosystem because it provides a way to store and manage all manner of Ethereum based ICOs and tokens.

In fact yesterday I conducted my 1 day crypto investing workshop and teaching the students about MyEtherWallet was a core part of the day.

The way I describe MyEtherWallet is like it is a sock puppet….
[slide info]

And as you can see when you go to

You can drive it in a variety of different ways from software wallets to hardware wallets.

Suffice to say it has become very popular and is recommended by many ICO projects.

MyEtherWallet was co-founded by a lady called Taylor Monahan and fellow called Kosala Hemachandra back in 2015.

I never really heard much from the MyEtherWallet team beyond project updates and reassurance about potential scams etc.

Then came this Tweet:

Which announced that MyEtherWallet had rebranded as MyCrypto.
Which was weird because I wondered how they got over 80,000 followers on Twitter within a few days.

I think the answer to this is because this used to be the MyEtherWallet Twitter account and has been rebranded, including the account name itself.

This is confirmed by Kosala in this Reddit post:

Наш чат в Telegram
Покупка/продажа Bitcoin

This is also where he clarifies that he was the original creator and developer of MyEtherWallet and brought his friend Taylor on to help him out with the business end of things.

Long story short Taylor and Kosala have decided to end their business relationship and create their own competing versions of MyEtherWallet.

Kosala, the original developer behind MyEtherWallet will continue developing MyEtherWallet, albiet with a brand new Twitter account, and Taylor will lead her new project called MyCrypto with the old MyEtherWallet Twitter account rebranded as MyCrypto.

Then there is this blog post from the newly formed MyCrypto team which consists of many staff members that followed Taylor from MyEtherWallet:

You can read the details of what each intends to do but for me the single most important detail here, and one they both agree on in their published statements is that the decision to end their business relationship was mutual and amicable.

There is no character attacks in either of the messages and Kosala even wishes MyCrypto all the best.

While this split is amicable there is still a question mark over the rebranding of the MyEtherWallet Twitter account with the 80,000 followers.

Shouldn’t MyCrypto have created a new Twitter account for their new brand?

Probably yes, but then they’d have to rebuild that community of 80,000 followers from the ground up which is why they would have wanted to take the MyEtherWallet Twitter account with them.

There is an ethical question there and to my mind, I am erring on the side of saying that MyCrypto should have started their own Twitter account from scratch, even though it’s a bit of a hard slog building it back up again.

An article published by TechCrunch here:

Also shares some observations which give clues as to why the two decided to split.

TechCrunch display the number of GitHub contributions of the two over time, so you might want to check that out and see what you make of it.

Ultimately the situation now is that there are two versions of what we used to know as MyEtherWallet.

There is the original and an almost identical version at

For the time being, and as far as I can tell they function identically except for the domain name and the branding.

No doubt the more times goes on, the more different they will each become.

As always I highly recommend securing your Ethereum and associated ERC20 tokens using a hardware wallet in order to give yourself the confidence that whatever happens at the software level like this, your keys and money are safely protected.

MyEtherWallet Is Not Going Away, It Has Just Been Forked 🍴: 14 комментариев

  • 12.02.2018 в 4:54 пп

    Can you send tokens when you download and run mew locally on your computer? download the offline version from github

  • 12.02.2018 в 5:16 пп

    Would you say a hardware wallet is safer than running MEW offline? Thanks for the vid.

  • 12.02.2018 в 6:10 пп

    I’m staying loyal to the original MEW. That Taylor chick sounds like a back stabber and shady since she won’t turn over any financial records for him to see. What is she hiding. The courts will find out but in the meantime I will be staying with MEW. Btw the thing you referenced about their work contributions did you notice his was much more labor intensive since he was doing the complex work of writing the code and she did nothing in the beginning so seems even to me. He also said in a Reddit post he has been working on some other upcoming projects and that’s why he hasn’t been doing much on MEW. And that’s why he partnered with her is so she could take care of the maintenance and upgrading while he worked on what he needed to work on. I see her as greedy and unethical. Not anyone I want to support.

  • 12.02.2018 в 6:13 пп

    Question: I have a Ledger Nano S connected to MyEtherWallet (MEW)

    What would happen if MEW stops working?

    If the private keys are in the ledger could I just connect the Ledger to MyCrypto then?
    Or connect it to something else..?

  • 12.02.2018 в 7:05 пп

    The way they tried to stealth 'steal' the MEW twitter was really poor. Could they not have announced it in advance? Rather than shocking / scaring all the millions of MEW users? Not the way a company that needs users to trust them to use their software to access $$$$$$ worth of crypto should operate.

  • 13.02.2018 в 12:09 дп

    Not trying to be funny Chris, but I think the reason you don't get as many views and subscribers is because you try to oversimplify things, sock puppet? Why not just say open source software that anyone can use? People can use google if they don't know a word. You seem to target fresh noobs and I think you just confuse people, which is why I think people don't watch. And the title "MyEtherWallet Is Not Going Away", as if ever was. The code is out there and will be forever

  • 13.02.2018 в 1:21 дп

    Maybe you can help clarify something for me. Since i hold a printout of the private keys to access my tokens on the ethereum blockchain, if both of these sites happened to disappear…would i still be able to access my tokens? Thanks by the way for all your work ~great shows and analysis. Cheers!

  • 13.02.2018 в 10:50 дп

    How do people access the wallet? I use private key, but have to renter it every time a click a new tab. You say private key is not recommended? Why?

  • 13.02.2018 в 3:48 пп

    i dont want to detract from the great information in this vid but fark me pink, theres hardly a week that goes by that we dont read, hear or experience some traps, horror stories, negativity, dangers and ugliness that this market throws up. I should have just took my profits and walked away when BTC hit $19,800.


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