Neil Nathan’s «California Run»

Music Video for Neil Nathan’s single, «California Run.»
Co-Directed by Ric Serena & Vaj Potenza
Produced by Kia Kiso
Executive Producer — Leah Koss

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«The ‘California Run’ and ‘When The Rain Falls’ ( videos are two sides of the same coin, that wondrous and sometimes very painful thing we call love,» says Nathan of the videos. ‘California Run’ is about the joy of searching for and finding your fated true love and ‘When The Rain Falls’ is about the heartbreak of losing him or her. In «California Run,» we follow Neil’s travels as he never loses hope in finding his dream girl (Laura Baggett) and even receives the support of famed actress Rosario Dawson (whose film Descent featured a few of Neil’s songs) as a driver that picks him up along the way. In «When The Rain Falls» video, we follow the other driver’s (Nakia Syvonne) story of heartbreak and letting go.

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