Paste (3 coins) by PotatoBaby

A simple, but cool level by PotatoBaby. This level is quite atmospheric, which it haves he’s own touch. I really like PotatoBaby’s gameplay, it’s very dynamic and isn’t fair hard, still pretty fun! She could add some little details , but that was the level porpouse B)).

👉 Level Name -Paste

👉 Creator — PotatoBaby

👉 In-Game Song — Reflections by SVMMIT

🔥 Coin rating (Copied from Viprin).

My opinion about this coins is 3/4 (Good). This coins requires some effort to acquire them, but still, some of em’ can cause you some stupid deaths.

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1st Coin (Silver) — You need to grab three coins between the ground and some structure (quite tricky), good coin.

2nd Coin (Silver) — Same thing, grab three keys, harder than the normal path, they are very good hidden.

3rd Coin (Silver) — Again with the same thing, grab three keys. This requieres more effort than the other two coins.

⁃ Does anyone know who makes cool banners? I need one, quick!

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