People Are Spending $23,000 On CryptoKitties… I’m Not Even Joking….

People are playing this new game called CryptoKitties and spending thousands of dollars in Ethereum (Ethers) on virtual cats which they can sell/breed. This reminds me of Giga Pets/Pokemon back in the day. It’s really insane though. Transactions from the decentralized app are accounting for 15% of the entire Ethereum network’s traffic currently and the first cat ever (Genesis Kitty) went for over $100,000 in Ethers… This is completely insane! Is it Pet Rocks 2.0? Are you all going to throw your hard earned Ethers into this game? Let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are!

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People Are Spending $23,000 On CryptoKitties… I’m Not Even Joking….: 28 комментариев

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