Vintage French Foosball Game Table (Soccer / Football)

This delightful vintage foosball table is a wonderful and entertaining testament to the French obsession with soccer. The diverting machine is an iconic piece of French popular culture from the mid-20th century, a time when a foosball table could be found in most cafés and bars throughout the country. Groups gathering to cheer on their team during «football» matches also found entertainment in the miniature version of the game. Colorful and exciting, this table is expertly constructed and in perfect working condition, allowing the history of sports and gaming to come alive.

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Beautifully constructed in the 1940s period, the table exudes nostalgia and retro charm. Each player is cast from metal, and most retain their brightly hued, original paint. Metal ashtrays adorn each corner, a feature that is indicative of its age. Best of all, the coin system has been disabled, allowing one to play for hours without the coins. Rare and engaging, vintage games tables such as this are particularly prized by collectors today.

Features original makers’ labels «Constellation / Made in France» and model label «Chief»

Circa 1940

38″ high x 60″ wide x 31″ deep

Item #30-4844

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