Vitalik Buterin on Web 3.0, Decentralization & The Future of Blockchain

Vitalik Buterin is the founder and main architectural visionary behind the second biggest (by capitalization) cryptocurrency —
Ethereum. However, Ethereum is meant to be much more than simply a currency — it is a general back-end foundation, like a general purpose framework or an Operational System, on top of which Blockchain Technology applications and the future of decentralization can be built.

Vitalik discusses his vision for the future of Blockchain Technology and Web 3.0. What he wants to achieve with developing Ethereum and how decentralization affects our society, governance and big corporations.

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Vitalik Buterin was only 19 when he started developing his idea about Ethereum. He is recognized the leading mind in the blockchain and cryptography area. His knowledge about computer science and network architecture is astonishing but what really amazes me is his broad insight into human psychology, universal world economy dynamics and functional efficiency.

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This video is part of my series on the Future of Technology — the most interesting innovations, problems, solutions and vision for the future. In this video you can find Vitalik Buterin Ethereum future vision and decentralization plans, his mindset and ideas!

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Video Sources:

1. Centre for International Governance Innovation…
CIGI Senior Fellow Julie Maupin sits down with Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, to raise the curtain on this complex platform and its governance implications. Their discussion covers a wide range of subjects: Buterin’s introduction to cryptocurrencies; the creation of Ethereum; how hardware — big and small — plays a role in future development and adoption; and Ethereum’s imminent transition from the “proof of work” model to “proof of stake.”

Maupin and Buterin’s discussion moves toward questions of cryptocurrency governance. Who gets a say in changes to the protocol? What domestic and international legal implications do cryptocurrencies present? And, what accessibility hurdles are ahead for cryptocurrencies?

2. TechCrunch:

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