What is an ERC20 Wallet | ERC-20 Token | MyEtherWallet + Metamask

What is an ERC20 Wallet | ERC-20 Token | MyEtherWallet + Metamask Plugin

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In this video I talk about what is an erc20 token, how to get an erc20 compatible wallet, how to receive ERC20 tokens and how to send ERC-20 tokens. I also talk about the Metamask browser plugin which is very useful for storing your private keys and making it easy to access your wallets.

Bookmark the MEW address below as there are alot of scam sites out there:
MEW — https://www.myetherwallet.com
Metamask — https://metamask.io/

Any questions or have any comments let me know below and share if you think this will help others

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Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser and everything in this video is just my own personal opinion and not meant as financial advise so everyone needs to make their own decisions before investing as all online businesses and cryptocurrencies carry risks

What is an ERC20 Wallet | ERC-20 Token | MyEtherWallet + Metamask: 8 комментариев

  • 13.01.2018 в 2:45 пп

    Hi Paul,
    I signed up to monetize with your link (username effortlessit)
    Is there a problem with buying monetize coins at the moment? As their system fails each time? I've contacted them but still waiting. THanks.

  • 13.01.2018 в 2:52 пп

    is etherdelta down at the moment because I try and deposit from my mew imported into metamask on ed and I can't for a few different tokens ( i was able to with bitclave tokens a few weeks back)

  • 13.01.2018 в 6:06 пп

    Hi Paul. Thanks for your video ! In your 2/1/17 Video "Transfer Electroneum Coins From Offline Paper Wallet To Exchange" you mentioned you would teach us how to make a seed phrase (series of words for the wallet) for it's recovery….. but you did not though. Pray where might I be able to find to find out that information kind sir ?

  • 13.01.2018 в 10:17 пп

    Hi Paul, do you need ETH in myetherwallet to send costom tokens? If I would need to send Ficoin to the website for lending or selling for instance. Or will myetherwallet substract an amount from the custom token?


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